Metro League Division 5 Fixtures 2019-20   17/07/2019

Metro League - Division 5

CYM - 1
Blackrock College RFC - 3
Wanderers - 3
Lansdowne - 4
Old Belvedere - 4
St Marys College RFC - 4
Old Wesley - 5

Friday 27th September 2019
Wanderers vOld Wesley Lansdowne Road19:30
Blackrock College RFC vLansdowne Stradbrook20:00
Old Belvedere vCYM Anglesea Road20:00
St Mary's College - Free

Friday 11th October 2019
Lansdowne vOld Belvedere Lansdowne Road19:30
St Marys College RFC vWanderers Templeville Rd20:00

Sunday 13th October 2019
CYM vBlackrock College RFC Terenure Rd North15:00
Old Wesley - Free

Friday 18th October 2019
Wanderers vLansdowne Lansdowne Road19:30
Old Belvedere vBlackrock College RFC Anglesea Road20:00

Sunday 20th October 2019
Old Wesley vSt Marys College RFC Energia Park (Donnybrook)15:00
CYM - Free

Friday 1st November 2019
Lansdowne vSt Marys College RFC Lansdowne Road19:30
Old Belvedere vWanderers Anglesea Road20:00
Old Wesley vCYM Energia Park (Donnybrook)20:00
Blackrock College - Free

Friday 8th November 2019
Wanderers vCYM Lansdowne Road19:30
Blackrock College RFC vOld Wesley Stradbrook20:00
St Marys College RFC vOld Belvedere Templeville Rd20:00
Lansdowne - Free

Friday 22nd November 2019
Lansdowne vOld Wesley Lansdowne Road19:30
Blackrock College RFC vWanderers Stradbrook20:00

Sunday 24th November 2019
CYM vSt Marys College RFC Terenure Rd North20:00
Old Belvedere - Free

Friday 29th November 2019
Old Wesley vOld Belvedere Energia Park (Donnybrook)20:00
St Marys College RFC vBlackrock College RFC Templeville Rd20:00

Sunday 1st December 2019
CYM vLansdowne Terenure Rd North14:00
Wanderers - Free

Friday 6th December 2019
Lansdowne vBlackrock College RFC Lansdowne Road19:30

Sunday 8th December 2019
CYM vOld Belvedere Terenure Rd North14:00
Old Wesley vWanderers Energia Park (Donnybrook)14:00
St Mary's College - Free

Friday 10th January 2020
Wanderers vSt Marys College RFC Lansdowne Road19:30
Blackrock College RFC vCYM Stradbrook20:00
Old Belvedere vLansdowne Anglesea Road20:00
Old Wesley - Free

Friday 17th January 2020
Lansdowne vWanderers Lansdowne Road19:30
Blackrock College RFC vOld Belvedere Stradbrook20:00
St Marys College RFC vOld Wesley Templeville Rd20:00
CYM - Free

Friday 24th January 2020
Wanderers vOld Belvedere Lansdowne Road19:30
St Marys College RFC vLansdowne Templeville Rd20:00

Sunday 26th January 2020
CYM vOld Wesley Terenure Rd North14:30
Blackrock College - Free

Friday 7th February 2020
Old Belvedere vSt Marys College RFC Anglesea Road20:00

Sunday 9th February 2020
CYM vWanderers Terenure Rd North15:00
Old Wesley vBlackrock College RFC Energia Park (Donnybrook)15:00
Lansdowne - Free

Friday 14th February 2020
Wanderers vBlackrock College RFC Lansdowne Road19:30
St Marys College RFC vCYM Templeville Rd20:00

Sunday 16th February 2020
Old Wesley vLansdowne Energia Park (Donnybrook)20:00
Old Belvedere - Free

Friday 28th February 2020
Blackrock College RFC vSt Marys College RFC Stradbrook19:30
Lansdowne vCYM Lansdowne Road19:30
Old Belvedere vOld Wesley Anglesea Road19:30
Wanderers - Free


Old Belvedere v Blackrock
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Try of the week
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