Important Club Update   15/03/2020

In light of the ever changing situation regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the health authorities advice 

to avoid social gatherings, the clubhouse bar will remain closed completely from today Sunday 15th March, 

until March 29th (inclusive). 

The decision is a difficult one but in light of the ever changing situation, is the 

correct one to protect all our members and staff. 

Lastly as per email on Friday last, the dressing rooms and gym are also closed.  No rugby training or 'get togethers' 

are to take place on the pitches until March 29th.

The Club office is also closed to ALL visitors until March 29th.

For any queries please telephone or email the office.


Further updates regarding plans post March 29th will be sent, as further advice becomes available 

from government and the HSE.


Paul Nugent

Honorary Secretary


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