Dear Members,

While you may not be able to visit Ollie Campbell Park at the moment we want to make sure that it isn't far from your mind. So to make sure that rugby and Old Belvedere continue to occupy your mind we decided to ask Ollie Campbell and Cillian Hogan (our leading referee) to set some questions which we will be sending out over the next week or so.


There is a prize of €100 on your bar card for the person with the most correct answers for each round. Hopefully you will be able to use it before too long. In the event of a tie a socially distanced draw will take place to determine the winner.


To get you going this is round one and all reference sources may be accessed to get your answers. 


Answers to Round 1 should be emailed to by Tuesday 22nd, answers will be announced on Wednesday 23rd.


1. Who was the first Old Belvederian to be capped by Ireland? 


2. After WW2 6 players from OB were selected to play for Ireland against England in the Victory International in Lansdowne Road in 1946. Can you name them? 


3. In 2019 7 OB women were selected to play for Ireland against Scotland in the 6 Nations. Can you name them? 


4. Can you name the 5 players from OB mini rugby who have played for Ireland? 


5. Can you name the only OB player to score a 3 point try, a 4 point try and a 5 point try for the club? 


6. Can you name the 2 OBs who have been President of the IRFU? 


7. Who is OBs most capped player? 


8. Karl Mullen was captain of the 1948 Grand Slam winning team. Where was the final match played, who did they beat, what was the score and who was the other Old Belvederian who played on that famous team and who spent the night in jail? 


9. Who was the first OB woman to be capped by Ireland? 


10. Tony O'Reilly is one of 8 players to have played in 3 decades for Ireland. Can you name the other 7?


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Try of the week
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