President's Message   08/05/2020

Dear Members


I hope you are all staying safe and maintaining the restrictions / cocooning as required. Given the recent government / NPHET announcement these restrictions will be loosened in the coming weeks and a "new normal" shall  ensue. We all have a huge role to play in ensuring this happens so let us all keep it up and mind each other. The crisis has had a huge toll on peoples lives and if the club can be of assistance please make contact.


As you are aware the club is facing into a very difficult period on and off the field. On the field planning has been ongoing regarding retention and recruitment and I would like to thank all the coaches and management for their work in this area. We do not know when rugby (professional or amateur) will recommence but we must be prepared and the onus is on all of us, players and supporters to be ready. We shall be led by the public health officials, the government and the IRFU on this matter and shall keep you informed when we have concrete proposals.


Off the field the committee has been working to ensure our club is on a solid financial and operational footing. We have reviewed our cost base and income streams and to this end we have made some very hard decisions, deemed necessary for the future of our club. The key to this is a major fundraising effort which shall be launched in the coming weeks. It has been developed by current playing members of our men's senior squad, fully endorsed by all sections of the club on the committee and will ensure the financial wellbeing of the club and leave a lasting memory for all Belvederians and the wider community.


Finally, and most importantly, a huge word of thanks from us all to the members of our club, playing and non-playing, men and women, who have been working on the frontline. We know the crisis is not over so keep safe everyone.


Best wishes


Paul Cunningham



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