Bedrock Campaign   15/06/2020

In 1945 the Committee of Old Belvedere authorised that £4,000 be spent on a new ground. The then recently qualified Dr Bob O'Connell cycled to Anglesea Rd to view the site that is now Ollie Campbell Park and agreed a price of £5,950 for the grounds with no idea how the balance would be found. He personally went on the line for the difference. Somehow the members of the day managed to raise the necessary funds - the fundraising even included a donation of a calf. Over the next few seasons players started and finished training by crawling up and down the pitches to remove rocks and stones from the grounds. It is that effort that has given us our precious playing fields today and that is the type of commitment on which Old Belvedere is built. Today we are facing a new challenge, the impact of the Coronavirus lockdown has been devastating on the finances of the club. However, once again it is the club's players who are rising to this challenge. They have developed a fundraising initiative, "The Bedrock", in an effort to recover critical funding and inspire other amateur sports clubs.  In order to reopen our doors and fight against the uncertain future this appeal is for players, members, associates and friends of the club to support it financially, so that the club can go on to survive beyond the pandemic, and serve its community now and for generations to come. The Bedrock calls on all of its following, to protect the future of Old Belvedere by asking for a donation fee equivalent to that of a player's annual membership. Those who donate will be recognised by having their names, family names or the name of someone whose memory they might like to enshrine, built into the walls of the club forever. In seeking to protect their club and its future this will also demonstrate what it truly means to come together as a club. The Bedrock Wall will then be unveiled when it is safe for the clubhouse to reopen. I would invite, even encourageus all to participate in the Bedrock. Please see below the online video calling upon our Old Belvedere community to support the initiative - the men, women, minis, past players and even professionals who have got their rugby bedrock in Ollie Campbell Park. 
Join the Bedrock by clicking the following link:


You can also watch the video below:
The Bedrock
Paul Cunningham,
James McCarthy,

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