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16 intrepid Shedders set off from Heuston for a very pleasant journey to Waterford Station from which an uneventful transfer was effected to the Granville Hotel in which a very pleasant carvery lunch was enjoyed.

Next was a beautiful boat trip on the SS Barrow Girl, in absolutely glorious weather, to New Ross. There followed a short break prior to our guided, fascinating, visit to the famine memorial ship Dunbrody.

After that a simple transfer to our coach for a relaxing drive home with but a short”p&p”break near Gorey.

A hugely enjoyable convivial day was had by all with heartiest expressions of gratitude extended to our always excellent organisers.

There were no untoward incidents!!!!!

Pictures below

Tony Doran


Pictured below is one of our founders Niall O'Carroll accepting his Club Person of the Year on behalf of the Men's Shed last Friday at our end of Season lunch at the Club.

6th May 2022

Hi Shedders 

Here’s our latest update on what’s happened/happening. 

In April we had our Lunch to Remember for the families of past members who had given significantly over their lives to the development of OBRFC and OB Squash Club and who sadly passed away during Covid. It was a fitting and moving occasion much appreciated by all involved.

After Easter we had an impressive and inspiring chat with our Ladies Captain , Jenny Murphy. She is a most able spokesperson for women s rugby. Our Club is in safe hands with people like her representing us on and off the pitch.

Then 17 of your Shed colleagues went on a 5 day trip to Caen in Normandy to see the Beaches and Ww2 memorials that provide present day reminders of the landings in France of the Allied Forces on Jun 6th 1944.

We have now returned safe and sound.

It was an uplifting and thought provoking tour. Each of us had our own take but all saw what war does to generations of young people….and left many of us questioning why?

It was nice to end it all with a detour on the last day to the renowned chateau and gardens of the famous French artist Claude Monet. A complete contrast with our earlier tour , full of peace, tranquility and colourful abandonment.

All in all a worthwhile week and undoubtedly the template for future Shed trips?

Pictures of our trip below:

Back to our more ongoing Shed projects. Our Clerk of Works Morgan Sheehy tells me we’re just there with our cleanup of Portacabin corner . He asks that I give a favourable mention to the below who did a enormous amount of work in the last stages :-Berchmans Gannon;John Logan;John Marsh:;John Merry;Pat O’Mahony, Paddy Quinn, and as ever Ernie Tucker . I should mention that plenty of others contributed along the way not least our Head of Catering , Tony Doran ….so

Gracias muy amigos.

We await our new made to measure Prefab building which should be installed in the next few weeks. Whereupon the landscaping around it will be planted by our Head Gardener Jim Doody and his team and the painting undertaken by John O Leary and his team.

On to The present month May and a chat on Fri 20 th with our new Director of Rugby , Quenton O Neale , under who’s stewardship our u20’s won the McCrory Cup for the second time this season. Before that it was last won by us in 1999 . This years final was a closely fought affair against Trinity and we ran out 26-22 winners. If Quentin’s skills and vision bring similar success across our other teams , male female and youths, we can anticipate exciting days ahead. Please support this chat with your attendance.

Around the corner so to speak we have plans in hand for a walking tour of some of Dublin’s historic pubs lead by our own inimitable Gerry Cruise. And we also plan a day trip to Athy to see the Shackleton Museum, the ( was it ?) Leinster Arms Hotel where many Shedders spent part of their rugby playing Christmases whilst playing Athy RFC and , if there’s time a trip four miles down the road to see Sr Consilio’s Rehab centre…..if she’ll have us!!!

Remember we meet every Friday in OCP at 11.00am. We mow. We paint.we dig and we weed …all 8 of us.the other 12 sit , chat and “ supervise”.!

Come along and bring a friend .

Keep Well

The Mens She’d Committee

6th April 2022

Hi All Shedders

Firstly well done to all who helped with last Saturday's "Lunch to Remember". .Particular thanks to Tony Doran (And his team) and David Murray ( and his team) and to Ian Donnelly and
Philip, our Bar manager, for their huge input.
160 attended. All 15 of the families represented were given a personalized memento by our president , Steve O'Leary, recognizing their late husband's/father's contribution
to the growth and development of Old Belvedere RFC and OBRFC Squash Club in what was an a memorable occasion..
The families were most appreciative and very complimentary of what OBRFC stands for and how much it means in their families..
Nearly all the day went smoothly save and except for the catering which is the subject of ongoing discussion and review. Tony Doran is in delicate and 'sensitive' discussions with our caterer Ali!! A tourniquet may be needed!
The Draw prize of a 55" OLED TV which was donated by a generous sponsor was won by a member who immediately donated it to the Club where it will provide splendid viewing for those in the International room in the future.

Next up is Friday's regular meet. Our clean up is almost complete but it needs one last surge to cut back our hedging in 'portacabin corner' and fill a final skip with the remaining debris.

The space will then be clear for a concrete base to go in and a new Shed , fit for purpose, has been ordered by the Club for installation as soonas it is fabricated.

Our Clerk of Works , Morgan S, has prepared a schedule (attached ) which sets out what we have to do.
I appeal to any Shedder capable of lending a hand to give us one last day to achieve the objective he has laid out. It would be a fitting way to start Easter week!

On Saturday we play our last AIL match of 2021/22. It is away to Naas RFC. WE lost last week to City Of Armagh , at home. Fortunately other results went our way and we look 'safe' to stay up in Div 1A next year. Nevertheless our team needs our support and if anyone fancies going to the pre match lunch please. let me know asap.

We will continue our weekly Friday meetings every week during April. Following the success of Andy Dunne's talk to us a few weeks ago. we have asked our Ladies team Captain , Jenny Murphy , to chat to us on Friday Apr 22nd about her views and her vision for Ladies rugby both from a personal ( 10 years a member of OBRFC) and a provincial ( she has played times for Leinster) and an IRFU ( xx cap) point of view. Jenny worked in various positions after school and in England, she discovered rugby on a trip home and from then on flew home at week ends for training and matches in Belvo and Leinster. This dual life caused conflicts so she came home and started up her own coffee shop business. That didn't tick her boxes so she moved to teaching in schools about business and sports as careers. She enjoyed that but needed security so now she is a financial strategist with Google. All that and she's still under 30!!

The Committee feel that us elder lemons might do well to hear from someone so young and vibrant about her life and her vision of what is coming down the tracks.

Then we are off to Normandy from Apr 25th to 29th ..all 17 true and intrepid explorers!! Even at this stage there's still room for three more so if you know anyone who fancies a break contact me.

Hope you have a good Easter break and .

Keep well

The OBRFC Men's Shed Committee.

OBRFC Men’s She’d -

A busy start to 2022.

We have 80 names on our Member's list now.. These include rugby club ;members who are retired , widowed or over 60; overseas past members; friends and guests of members; speakers and anyone who has a like minded approach to keeping in touch , learning useful things , visiting interesting places and enjoying each others company while doing some good projects, The Shed tries to come up with a variety of activities which keep members involved and active.

In summary ....HAVE FUN TOGETHER

So how did we do this in January 2022??

Our Friday morning gatherings continued throughout January . The average number attending these has increased to circa 20.
This group has now completed the removal of the green Portacabins and emptied one of the remaining “ twin” 20 footers prior to it being taken away. Currently we are trying to tidy up the mats and other Horse show paraphernalia so as to level off the ground and prepare the site for a new custom made Shed to store everything in. Manpower is needed for all this especially as we lop trees; prune hedges and trim edgings ready for Spring planting. More flower beds will become visible in time but these will need maintenance and a bit of weeding etc.Nothing too strenuous. Meanwhile a quiet and effective group of four painters have sandpapered and repainted almost two sides of the main pitch as can be seen by those attending matches.
Our walkers continue to walk and our talkers can’t be stopped!! Tea , coffee , biscuits and cake are served to all with a bit of " medicine" for those with health issues post their activity!!

On the informational front , We had a Zoom presentation by Dermot Goode of Total Healthcare in Jan 19 th . 30 Shedders managed the technology involved , listened attentively and participated in a lively and informative Q and A session afterwards. It seemed clear to all that everyone pays too much for whatever Helath insurance cover we have with substantial savings available for those that wish to follow it up.

12 Shedders travelled to Navan for our vital away AIL match on Jan 25th which saw us run out 37-30 winners. We stopped in the excellent An Sibin pub/ restaurant in Dunshaughlin on the way to Navan where we had a great lunch and good pre match craic.

ANd now a glimpse into what events are coming up
On Feb 3rd we had a tour of Jack B Yeats’s paintings in the National Library followed by lunch in Dunne and Crescenzi’s
Eddie Gannon is organizing our participation in the 2022 version of OBRFC keep fit challenge ; We have Andy Dunne coming along to show a small group of us on sticks and mobility aids what limited physio exercises we can do as part of the Old Belvedere RFC Challenge and we'll do that every Friday ourselves. with occasional oversight and input from Andy. Our thanks to him for his help and enthusiasm.

Morgan Sheehy David Murray and Tony Doran will continue to spearhead our Friday projects ;
John O Leary and Eddie Tucker will continue to paint all before them ( with help from others)
Tony O Brien is putting together a visit to Russborough House on Mar 3rd with lunch afterwards in Ballymore Eustace.
We have booked Shed tables at the Club’s Rory Best dinner ( Feb 24th) and Annual Dinner ( Mar 5th) and and will do likewise at the pre match lunch in Highfield ( Feb 26th) .

In the longer term we’re still hoping to go to visit the Normandy beaches for four days during the last week of April and Pat Griffith is trying to put an itinerary together that meets our needs.

Sadly we lost Peter McKeever during January and just recently John Lavelle each in their own way stalwarts of the Rugby Club and our Shed .
We welcome new Shedders in Declan Hogan , David Ross and Declan Molloy. .

Join us any Friday and see for yourselves .Otherwise keep well

OBRFC Men's Shed Committee


Steve O Leary, Club President, addressing the OBRFC Men's She’d Xmas lunch in Dec 2021.

Peter Mc Keever

We in the OBRFC Men’s Shed were all very saddened to hear of the death of our good friend Peter McKeever on Jan 8th last.

Peter was known to most of us for over 60 years, in school, in Old Belvedere RFC , in The Youth Club and for a small number of us in Brendan Jackson's Friday evenings in the Dropping Well. Latterly he was a founding member and strong supporter of our Shed.

Peter was an activist. He believed strongly in getting things done. He started the OBRFC International Sevens, managed it, marketed it and when it was truly established passed on the mantle of its success to others to run. After the new state of the art "Newsboys" Club premises were built in Amiens St., the burden of financing its operations had to be faced. It fell to Peter to do this. . He took on this task willingly and dealt with it superbly.

An accomplished tennis player, he served as President of Carrickmines LTC in 2008 and 2009 playing regularly and fulfilling all his duties admirably.

In business he worked for Gilbeys and Player Wills (who’s rugby team he captained to success in the Business Houses Cup) before becoming an Agent for Canada Life assurance. He brought to that his usual dedication and thoroughness best seen in the birthday cards many of us unfailingly received on the due date!!

He was informed, knowledgeable and a good debater. He had firm views on subjects, made his points succinctly and well and seldom ended up conceding an argument!!

His reach was immense, his friendships rock solid and his loyalty and integrity always steadfast. Peter bore the burdens of his illness with fortitude and courage and he never complained. In this as in so much else in a full life , he has left a legacy that is admired by us all.

To Claire, Mark, Judy and and all the McKeever family, our sincere sympathies at your great loss. May he rest now in peace.

Old Belvedere Mens Shed

Des Smyth Event

The Men’s Shed held an event on the 24th of September in OBRFC. The event was attended by 40 members. Des Smyth, who played in the Ryder Cup twice and won 8 tournaments in his 50 year career gave some wonderful insights into this year’s competition. 

The event was organised by Men’s Shedder, Eddie Gannon and was an outstanding success. 

Every Friday at 10.30am between 10 and 20 Men meet up to do landscaping, painting and maintaining the grounds. 

They need more volunteers to join, so any man retired, widowed, single or living alone who wants to get out and meet others whilst doing a modest bit of work or walking around the pitches for exercise or having a chat, call Niall on 087 927 1747.