Coaches: Quenton O'Neale

Managers: Jack Byrne/Ken Carey

The Old Belvedere Academy was established to bring players into the club and create an environment where:

-         Players continue to play and enjoy the game

-         The club can help players fulfil their aspirations whatever they may be.

-         Develop home grown talent for our Senior Squad and Junior Teams.


In the last number of years many of our Academy players have represented the club in the All Ireland League. We have a number of players with the various Professional Academies and we are in constant contact with the coaches in these clubs briefing them on player development and performances. We also get feedback from these coaches as to what the players need to be developing to further their careers.

We are committed to fielding two teams at U20 level every season. The benefit of this is that we can cater for both the serious rugby player and those who want just to play socially. Our Premier team competes at the highest level while our development team provides younger players with a development opportunity and also caters for the lads who just wish to play socially and be part of a vibrant setup.

As a member of the Belvedere Academy you'll take part in:        

- An intensive training programme of supervised gym and speed work

- Pitch conditioning and organisation sessions

- Video analysis to provide feedback on how to improve your playing skills and progress to a higher level in your specialist position

- Ongoing assessments with the Director of rugby to review and measure personal development in all areas of the Academy programme.

- Educational and career advancement.