Dear Members,

This Thursday 21st December the annual match between Old Belvedere Under 20s and Belvedere College SCT will be played at Anglesea Rd - Kick off 7pm. 

This year the match will be played for the Kevin Barry Trophy. As you will see from the inscription on the trophy Kevin Barry played for Belvedere College SCT

 in 1918 and for Old Belvedere in 1919. As many of you will be aware Kevin Barry was executed on the 1st November 1920 in the War of Independence 

at the age of just 18 years.


 Attached is a poignant extract from the account Old Belvedere's 1920/21 season which refers to Kevin Barry's execution.



The quote on the trophy - "From the foe they will not fly" - is a line from the Ballad of Kevin Barry. 

As we approach the centenary of the establishment of our club it is important that we are aware of our great heritage and we should strive 

to do justice to this great heritage both on and off the field. In the circumstances I think it is very fitting that this important match in the calendar 

of the club is named after Kevin Barry and we will honour that heritage in a match with players who will hopefully represent the future of our club. 

I hope members will come along on Thursday to see two very good sides play a great game of rugby. After the match there will be a reception 

in the clubhouse followed by the presentation of the trophy.  

Best wishes 

James McCarthy


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